Health Campaign

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Improving healthcare and health education for the people of Galapagos is of prime importance.

Whilst addressing the immediate needs of the islanders, we also focus on building an essential attitude of ‘prevention rather than cure’ and are working to embed this into the local culture over the longer term.

Owing to the relatively small size of the Galapagos Islands and distance from the mainland, the communities of the Galapagos desperately need more medical staff and more specialists to help overcome the many of the daily challenges they face. One of the most common challenges medical practitioners face is in health education, gaining local confidence and trust in, often the most basic medical care.

Previous healthcare projects have successfully built-in prevention and control clinic hours for hypertension and diabetes patients, now operated by the Galapagos Municipal Government, to address the growing problem of obesity in the islands and associated issues related to diabetes and hypertension. We also have an ongoing program of nutritional education which is now being expanded into our local schools.